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The Five Amazing Advantages of Job Hopping

20 March 2017


Looking at your CV and worrying about the number of roles on there? Don’t. It’s not as bad as you think. Today, more and more employers are approaching job hopping with an open mind, since a large portion of candidates have started to favour mobility over stability. Here’s why…

1. Personal progression

Not everybody lands their dream job the first time round, but why settle for less than you’re worth? People who keep their options open and apply for new roles show ambition and self-belief – two qualities any company is lucky to have in an employee.

2. Elevated skill set

Staying in the same job for years on end can be really harmful to your career, stunting development, motivation and opportunities for the future. Job hopping provides access to fresh challenges and responsibilities, so your CV will have a more diverse offering.

3. Financial gain

With each new position comes the chance to negotiate a higher salary. In fact, you can end up earning above the market average, and trumping an equally matched candidate who has chosen to remain in one place over the same timeframe.

4. Networking

The more people you impress, the broader your influence over future opportunities becomes. Moving around enables you to foster solid working relationships with a wide range of contacts, and that can pay dividends when you need a foot in the next door.

5. Commercial awareness

When someone stays at one company for a long time, they only experience a limited number of operational strategies. By changing jobs every year or so, you’ll learn how various corporate structures, cultures and philosophies impact on the way people do business.

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