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Motivation: The Key To Unlocking Your Future

09 January 2017


Ask anyone looking for a job, and you’ll find one of their biggest stumbling blocks is staying motivated. Perhaps they know they want to move on, but not quite where to start. Or they’ve exhausted virtually every avenue only to hit a brick wall. With the odds seemingly against you, how do you push on to realise your true potential?

  • Identify what drives you

Success in general requires an end goal and a solid plan to get there. But there’s also the question of dedication. What will inspire you when setbacks arise? Rather than a vague, figurative aim, put a process in place that aligns objective with routine. It could be as simple as setting-up an email alert from your preferred job board, and checking your inbox each morning. This easy but effective step will lead to habit, so job hunting is no longer an arduous task, but part of your day-to-day.

  • Positivity breeds positivity

On average, over 250 candidates apply for every corporate job; of those, only six will be shortlisted. Rejection is almost always par for the course, and it plays a key part in demotivation. That’s why it’s essential you celebrate the small wins. Replies from recruiters, interview offers and good feedback should encourage you even if you don’t end up winning the role. Approach every application with an upbeat attitude, because nobody hires a grump!

  • Tackle procrastination head on

While it’s natural to experience peaks and troughs in your search, a long lull can be detrimental to progress. Look to ‘active inspiration’, the notion of bringing new ideas to our goals. This will freshen up your perspective and renew your focus, ensuring greater long-term engagement. Sometimes, it only takes a change of scenery, so forget staring blankly at your computer screen – get out there and hunt on the move. After all, it’s not the load that brings you down, but the way you carry it.

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